Homework Policy

Students are expected to complete any homework assigned on time. Student’s name and number must be on all assignments. They will be given an “Earn & Return” punch card that will be used to keep track of completed homework. When their card if filled, they will receive a reward. I will also keep track of incomplete homework.

Classroom & School Rules

​• Respect the rights and properties of yourself, adults, and other students.
• Solve problems peacefully
• Dedicate yourself to learning

Every student is expected to follow classroom rules in order to receive the best education possible. 

Class Reward System

“Earn & Return” Cards: when homework is completed on time with student’s name & number, the student will get their card punched. When the card is full, the student will receive a reward.

​“Bingo Chart”-students will be allowed to sign the bingo chart after Earn & Return homework cards are full. Drawings will be held at the end of each quarter.

​“Good Behavior Banner”-A banner will be displayed in the classroom.  All students will start on green.  Break a rule, move to yellow. Example: talking out, breaking classroom or school rules, abusing bathroom privileges, etc. If a student is caught breaking a rule, the third time in one day, they will move to red and serve a lunch detention the next school day. Parents will be notified.  Staying on green allow chances to win prizes on Fridays and participate in "Free Time Friday".

​There will be a good behavior class party at the end of each quarter.   The type of party will be decided by the students with teacher approval. Some examples are popcorn and a movie, extra recess, ice cream party and paper airplane contest.